Minswap loading
It is unfortunate that we have to shut down our testnet temporarily. We have gathered enough data from our testers to improve the fundamentals of our DEX. In the next few days, we will publish our post-mortem and our scaling solution. We will open the testnet again in the next few weeks, and all your wallets and tokens will be kept! In the meantime, you can still send us feedbacks.
Thank you for participating and do not forget to return your test tokens to the faucet! To return the test tokens, restore your 24-word seed phrase into Typhon wallet (choose PRO mode) and send them to one of the two following addresses:
IOG faucet: addr_test1qqr585tvlc7ylnqvz8pyqwauzrdu0mxag3m7q56grgmgu7sxu2hyfhlkwuxupa9d5085eunq2qywy7hvmvej456flknswgndm3
Minswap faucet: addr_test1qpuvv4e4hmq7f3dsc3enhtdwdlq2gdzescmw662s33zpl7jkp4ml6uwe6ee7z9ck0ujszg3yr4smgz9jhkrrvp3mq77qfvj9en